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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Full Paper

Year: 2011

Authors: Pandey, RV; Nolte, V; Boenigk, J; Schlötterer, C

Title: CANGS DB: a stand-alone web-based database tool for processing, managing and analyzing 454 data in biodiversity studies.

Source: BMC Res Notes. 2011; 4:227

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Nolte Viola
Pandey Ram Vinay
Schlötterer Christian

Vetmed Research Units
Institute of Population Genetics

Project(s): Local selective sweeps in Drosophila melanogaster

Next generation sequencing (NGS) is widely used in metagenomic and transcriptomic analyses in biodiversity. The ease of data generation provided by NGS platforms has allowed researchers to perform these analyses on their particular study systems. In particular the 454 platform has become the preferred choice for PCR amplicon based biodiversity surveys because it generates the longest sequence reads. Nevertheless, the handling and organization of massive amounts of sequencing data poses a major problem for the research community, particularly when multiple researchers are involved in data acquisition and analysis. An integrated and user-friendly tool, which performs quality control, read trimming, PCR primer removal, and data organization is desperately needed, therefore, to make data interpretation fast and manageable.

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