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Publication type: Journal Article
Document type: Review

Year: 2013

Author(s): Klein-Jöbstl, D; Szenci, O; Iwersen, M; Bohak, Z; Szelenyi, Z; Drillich, M; Baumgartner, W

Title: Calf diarrhoea. Literature review.

Source: Magy Allatorvosok (135), 5 278-284.

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Baumgartner Walter
Drillich Marc
Iwersen Michael
Klein-Jöbstl Daniela

Vetmed Research Units
University Clinic for Ruminants, Clinical Unit of Herd Management in ruminants
University Clinic for Ruminants, Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine

Calf diarrhoea is one of the most important diseases in calf rearing and accounts for major economic losses. The evaluation of infectious and non-infectious risk factors associated with calf diarrhoea is discussed in the present review. The authors present the clinical onset of diarrheal disease, the possible consequences, treatments and the options of prophylaxis. They give a detailed report about the feeding and keeping of the affected calves, and suggestions about the correct calf rearing program.

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