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Type of publication: Diploma Thesis
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Year: 2010

Authors: Graf, Philip

Title: Who hit's the bull's eye? A comparision of three current remote injection systems.

Other title: Vergleich der Treffsicherheit von Kaltgasnarkosegewehren bei Schüssen über weite Distanzen

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 33.


Walzer Christian

Schober Franz

Vetmed Research Units:
Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology

Graduation date: 30.04.10

Introduction It is unconceivable to do without remote injection systems in contemporary zoo and wildlife medicine. Due to the fact that there often is a small preferred target area it is of major importance to handle with precise rifles to avoid wounding the animal by misplaced darts. Material and Methods. In this study the accuracy of 3 current remote injection systems with 2 dart types of 2 different capacities were measured. We fired darts in groups of 8 replicates for every distance. As the accuracy of the rifles is defined by the dispersion range of the dart hits, this dispersion range was figured up by determining the maximum of the range on the x- and the y-axis (max[rangex ; rangey ] ) with x max min range = x − x and analogue for y range . Results As tolerable precision a dispersion range of 15cm was presumed. The TeleDart RD 706 already starts to get imprecise from a distance of 20m. The Pne-Dart X-Caliber and the Dan- Inject JM Special 25 exceeds the threshold dispersion range of 15cm at a distance of 40m except the Dan-Inject JM Special 25 with 3ml Dan-Inject darts which starts to get inaccurate at a distance of 30m. Discussion The current study discusses several facts that could influence the accuracy of the rifles like variation in dart velocity within one trial or whether the barrels are rifled or smooth. Furthermore discrepancies between the manufacturers’ specifications and the results of this study are discussed. Besides from the accuracy forced by the technical conditions of the remote injection system, misplaced shots are frequently caused by untrained or inexperienced practitioners. Due to this fact fairly intense practice by the user to get familiar with the individual characteristics of the injection rifle is recommended.

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