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Type of publication: Diploma Thesis
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Year: 2008

Authors: Krickl, R

Title: Der Kaiserskorpion - Haltung, Untersuchung, Narkose und Hämolymphabnahme.

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 45.


Walzer Christian

The number of invertebrates held in private hands is rapidly increasing. The most frequently held species is the Emperor scorpion - Pandinus imperator, originating from northern Africa. This genus comprises the biggest living scorpions and individuals can reach sizes up to 18 cm in length. Scorpions can be found in desert areas and humid tropics all over the world. According to their individual requirements, the optimal temperature and humidity differ between diverse species. Many people make mistakes concerning the housing and feeding of scorpions. It is important to keep the ecological factors relatively constant and to avoid hygiene and management errors. As a consequence, scorpions can suffer from diseases and keepers should consult a veterinarian. The problem can often be solved by a precise analysis of the animal's anamnesis. In some cases, a critical examination of the individual is necessary, which includes taking sample material from the living object. The latter procedure requires an anaesthesia. In the course of this study, haemolymph from ten Emperor scorpions was taken while they were anaesthetized with Isoflurane. The time elapsed until full anaesthesia varied significantly between single individuals and lasted from 05 minutes and 05 seconds till 45 minutes and 55 seconds. Furthermore, it is difficult to register this state precisely, because a lot of practice and experience is needed to decide correctly. The time until a deep anaesthesia and a loss of reaction can also show individual differences. One scorpion needed more than 12 minutes. Two scorpions showed shortly after the end of anaesthesia a Righting Reflex while one scorpion stayed lying on the back for more than 27 minutes. In the course of this study the ten Emperor scorpions were only anaesthetized with Isoflurane. Using other gases for anaesthesia or the use of a smaller chamber may probably lead to quicker results concerning the depth of anaesthesia. In the case of a sufficient anaesthesia, haemolymph can be obtained by punction of the heart, by a needle, injected through the intersegmental membrane between two dorsal segments. This study has shown that an extraction of up to 3,5 % of the bodyweight causes no harm to Pandinus imperator.

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