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Publication type: Diploma Thesis

Year: 2010

Author(s): Pehringer, Katharina

Title: Pharmakotherapie bei Neuweltkameliden in Österreich.

Other title: Pharmacotherapy in New World Camelids in Austria

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 70.


Baumgartner Walter
Klein-Jöbstl Daniela

Schmerold Ivo

Vetmed Research Units:
University Clinic for Ruminants, Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine

Husbandry of New World Camelids gained popularity in Austria in the last years. Therefore veterinarians become more and more often confronted with the treatment of llamas and alpacas. So far, apart from one vaccine (Equilis Tetanus-Vaccine, Injektionssuspension für Tiere) there is no speciality licensed for the use in New World Camelids in Austria. Aim of this diploma thesis was to work out the classification of New World Camelids and to give an overview over substances used and their way of administration as well as the dosing in llamas and alpacas. According to the European law, New World Camelids are classified as game animals and therefore regarded as food producing animals (regulation (EG) No. 853/2004). Consequently regulations defining the use of medicines in food producing animals have to be taken in account. Exclusively substances listed in table 1 of the appendix of regulation 37/2010/EU are allowed to be used in the treatment of llamas and alpacas. On basis of publications, a list of drugs and dosages has been acquired. The most papers dealing with this topic have been published in the United States of America and Great Britain. Hence substances not listed in table 1 of the appendix of regulation 37/2010/EU are presented too, for the sake of completeness. Phamacotherapy of New World Camelids is comparable to the one of ruminants. However there are some specialities.

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