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Type of publication: Diploma Thesis
Type of document:

Year: 2013

Authors: Ricke, Danica Michaela

Title: Zeigen Schweine (Sus scrofa domestica) imitative Anzeichen beim Lernen bei Verwendung eines Two-Action-Tests?

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 44.


Huber Ludwig
Müller Corsin Andreas

Vetmed Research Units:
Messerli Research Institute, Comparative Cognition

Foranimals living in social groups, social learning plays a crucial rolein learning processes. Imitation is a form of social learningthatimplies the understanding ofan individual about the action of another. Also the exactness of the copied motion sequences is of special importance. We know that many other animals show signs of imitation like for example dolphins, marmosets, pigeons and Japanese quails. The hypothesis of this study wasthat pigs have the ability tolearn by imitation. For testthis we used a two-action test.If pigs imitate, it is predicted that they would pusha sliding door of a testbox in the before demonstrated direction.Two demonstrators were trained to push the sliding door with the help of their nose in a certain direction. Afterthe training sessions, in each case 5 observers per group couldobserve their demonstrator duringthe executionof one technic. Afterwards the pigs were tested individually in which direction they pushed the door.

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