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Type of publication: Diploma Thesis
Type of document:

Year: 2014

Authors: Weingand, Nicole

Title: Die Beziehung zwischen Ortserkundung, Objektexploration und sozialem Lernen bei Hausschweinen.

Other title: The relationship between location-sensing, object exploration behavior and social learning in domestic pigs (sus scrofa domestica)

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 64.

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Weingand Nicole

Huber Ludwig

Hennig-Pauka Isabel

Vetmed Research Units:
Messerli Research Institute, Comparative Cognition

Graduation date: 26.06.15

Explorative behavior is an active form of behavior to familiarize oneself with unknown areas or unknown objects. With the act of exploring animals can gain new living spaces or new food resources. Exploration behavior is common among young piglets; however it is difficult to distinguish it from playing. An excellent method to measure explorative behavior is the open field test, which focuses on locomotor activity in an unknown testing area. To measure object-connected exploration behavior the novel object test is a valid test. My hypothesis was that an inhibition in the OF-test goes hand in hand with an inhibition in the NO-test. I also assumed that an acoustic stimulus in the second novel object would increase the interest in the object itself. It also could be possible that it has a calming effect on stressed piglets. Furthermore I checked if there is a correlation between fearlessness in the OF- and NO-test and the tests of Mrs. Danica Ricke concerning imitative learning.

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