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Type of publication: Baccalaureate Thesis
Type of document:

Year: 2014

Authors: Payerits, Evelyn

Title: Eine Pilotstudie zur Evaluierung der Wirksamkeit des Futtermittelzusatzstoffes Cipomeg auf die Lahmheit bei Pferden mit Arthrose.

Other title: A Pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of the feed additive Cipomeg on lameness in horses with osteoarthritis

Source: Bakkalaureatsarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 46.


Peham Christian

Bockstahler Barbara

Vetmed Research Units:
University Equine Clinic, Clinical Unit of Equine Surgery

Graduation date: 30.09.14

Due to long-term side effect of NSAIDs drugs such as phenylbutazone, there is an increased to find alternative treatments for osteoarthritis. Explanation about that proves new Study·s results between oxidative stress and progressive cartilage degeneration. The feed additive Cipomeg® of the company Greencoat Ud., contains extracts of artichoke, bitter melon, blueberry, rose hips, hops, dandelion, and vanilla. Due to the antioxidant properties it should have a positive effect on lameness in horses with osteoarthritis. Aim of the study, was compare to the effectiveness of 4 ehrenie lame horses. The analysis from measured low phenylbutazone and the 14-day gift from Cipomeg®, became under calculation from asymmetry-index, were analyzed by kinematic measurements on the treadmill. Between the mess day's by the analysis of variance (ANOVA), for repeated measurements. We found no statistically significant differences in the asymmetry-indices. By the results of this study, is the theory from Cipomeg® or from the low dosed phenylbutazone an in fluencies on them stance phase lameness, we cannot confirmed the hypothetic. lt thereby had to do continuing studies in the horse practice about usual doses of phenylbutazone to be under examination, whether not on Ionger view a gift of higher dosage, about Cipomeg®, could Iead to a comparable pain relief. The appointment of the inflammation parametric - the active substance prove in the blood or synovia, would allow another examination about the impact of Cipomeg®.

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