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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Full Paper

Year: 2013

Authors: Levanov, VF; Sokolov, SV; Kaczensky, P

Title: Corral mass capture device for Asiatic wild asses Equus hemionus.

Source: Wildlife Biol (19), 3 325-334.

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Kaczensky Petra

Vetmed Research Units
Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology

Asiatic wild asses Equus hemionus are difficult to catch as most populations are subject to poaching and are thus very shy. Wild asses run fast and groups tend to split up when disturbed or chased. Free-range darting normally only allows the capture of single individuals, and the recommended anaesthetic protocol requires the use of the potent opiate ethorphine, Which is highly toxic for humans and subject to special purchase and import regulations. In the following, we describe a corral capture method developed in Altyn Emel National Park in southeastern Kazakhstan. Round-ups of Asiatic wild asses were done at night by use of cars and strong lights to reduce the speed of fleeing asses by impeding their ability to see the terrain. The method provides an additional tool for capturing free-ranging wild asses, and contrary to previously described methods, it does allow the simultaneous capture of groups of animals without the need for chemical immobilisation.

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