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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Note

Year: 2021

Authors: Seitz, K; Kübber-Heiss, A; Auer, A; Dinhopl, N; Posautz, A; Mötz, M; Kiesler, A; Hochleithner, C; Hochleithner, M; Springler, G; Lehmbecker, A; Weissenböck, H; Rümenapf, T; Riedel, C

Title: Discovery of a phylogenetically distinct poxvirus in diseased Crocodilurus amazonicus (family Teiidae).

Source: Arch Virol. 2021 166 (4) 1183-1191.

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Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Auer Angelika
Dinhopl Nora
Kiesler Alexandra
Kübber-Heiss Anna
Mötz Marlene
Posautz Annika
Riedel Christiane
Rümenapf Hans Tillmann
Seitz Kerstin
Weissenböck Herbert

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Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Medicine
Institute of Pathology
Institute of Virology
Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology

A novel poxvirus was discovered in Crocodilurus amazonicus (Teiidae) presenting with a debilitating skin disease. The generated first genome sequence of a reptilian poxvirus revealed the closest phylogenetic relationship to avipoxviruses, highlighting potential virus exchanges between avian and reptilian species.

Keywords Pubmed: Animals
DNA, Viralgenetics
Genome, Viralgenetics
Poxviridaeclassificationgeneticsisolation & purification
Poxviridae Infectionspathologyveterinaryvirology
Skin Diseases, Viralpathologyveterinaryvirology
Viral Proteinsgenetics

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