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Publication type: Doctoral Thesis

Year: 2002

Author(s): Hahn, I

Title: Phytomedizin bei Hunden und Katzen: Gegenwartsaufnahme und Zukunftsaussichten im 21. Jahrhundert, aus Sicht von praktizierenden Tierärzt/innen in Österreich, Deutschland und der Schweiz.

Source: Dissertation, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 132.


Zitterl-Eglseer Karin

Project(s): Survey on the use of phytotherapy by veterinary practitioners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

The aim of my dissertation was to obtain information about the present situation and the future prospects of phytomedicine in three German-speaking countries. For that purpose 2675 questionnaires were sent via internet to veterinarians in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and afterwards the collected answers (response rates with 7,8 % were relatively low) were statistically evaluated. The efficacy of commercially available phytodrugs at present is assessed by 51 % of the veterinarians as very good respectively as good. 46 % of the veterinarians are content with the type of phytoproduct they use but they can imagine to change to other types. Bad covered fields in veterinary medicine concerning to availability and quality of herbal medincinal products are endo- and ectoparasitoses and diseases of the eyes and ears. 67 % of the veterinarians had the opinion that there should be no difference of the price between phytoproducts and synthetic drugs. The most important things of future phytotherapeuticals for the veterinarians are efficacy, side-effects, safety and acceptance of the animals. 58 % of the veterinarians are interested in preventive phytogenic feed additives. The main use of phytoproducts in the future is predicted by 72 % of the veterinarians as well in the treatment as the prevention. The trend in the phytomedicine is regarded by 59 % of the veterinarians as increasing, that shows that the interest in phytotherapeuticals in veterinary medicine is still growing.

phytodrugs, veterinarians, use, requirements

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