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Type of publication: Baccalaureate Thesis
Type of document:

Year: 2015

Authors: Strasser, Maria

Title: Vergleich einer Pferde-/, Rinder- und Schafalm im Pflanzenbestand, Futterertrag und Tierbesatz.

Other title: Comparison of alpine pastures with horse, cattle and sheep regarding corp, yield and stocking density

Source: Bakkalaureatsarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 117.


Khol Annabella

Troxler Josef

Vetmed Research Units:
Institute of Animal Nutrition and Functional Plant Compounds

Graduation date: 13.01.15

The aim of this research paper is to draw a comparison between alpine pastures with either sheep, cattle, horse or a combination of the latter. All research is taking place at Tyrol’s stateowned alp in the Kitzbühel Alps. The focus is on species-specific differences regarding crop, yield and stocking density. Theory underlying this paper is that horses can have positive effects on alpine pastures, if grazing in combination with cattle. Results of an appraisal of significant parameters of pastures and analysis of pastures’ crop support this theory. Stocking density per hectare is calculated to avoid insufficiency, which would lead to a reduction of forage quality. Moreover, recommendations are made in order to improve the yield and value of the alpine pastures.

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