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Type of publication: Diploma Thesis
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Year: 2011

Authors: Abel, Hans

Title: Vergleich des Endoparasitenstatus von vier niederösterreichischen Pferdebetrieben unter Berücksichtigung des Behandlungsschemas, der Alters- und Geschlechtsstruktur und des Ernährungszustandes, sowie unter besonderer Betrachtung der Wirkung der verwendeten Anthelminthika.

Other title: Comparison of the status of equine parasites in four horse farms in Lower Austria in due consideration of treatment management, age- and sex patterns and nutritional conditions with particular consideration of the efficacy of the used anthelmintics

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 87.


Löwenstein Michael

Simhofer Hubert

Vetmed Research Units:
Institute of Parasitology

Graduation date: 22.09.11

The aim of this diploma thesis was to get actual basic data concerning the prevalence of equine gastrointestinal parasites in Austria. For this purpose four horse farms in the southern Lower Austria were analysed between July 2010 and June 2011 and the effects of farm management and farm hygiene on the status of parasites were observed. The relevant factors, i.e. keeping, pasture- and feeding management as well as the anthelmintic treatment and the age- and sex patterns, were to be observed. Subsequently, the relationship of these factors and their correlation to the egg shedding was to be evaluated. Also, the relationship of body condition score and egg shedding was to be investigated.

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