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Publication type: Doctoral Thesis

Year: 2012

Author(s): Kreutzmann, Lena

Title: Einfluss einer Sauenimpfung mit Suvaxyn PCV (Pfizer) auf die Wirksamkeit einer Ferkelimpfung.

Other title: Effect of sow vaccination with Suvaxyn PCV (Pfizer)on the efficacy of a piglet vaccination

Source: Dissertation, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 123.


Ritzmann Mathias

Saalm├╝ller Armin

Vetmed Research Units:
University Clinic for Swine

Graduation date: 16.04.12

The aim of the study was the investigation of efficiency and compatibility of Suvaxyn PCV (Pfizer)in three different vaccination schemes compared to a non-vaccinated control group. A total of 82 sows and 1063 piglets of three consecutive batches were allocated to four groups The sows of the groups "S geimpft" (sows vaccinated) and "S+F geimpft" (sows and piglets vaccinated) were vaccinated with Suvaxyn PCV five and two weeks ante partum. The piglets of the group " S+F geimpft" and "F geimpft" (piglets vaccinated) were vaccinated three weeks post partum. The animals of the control group remained not vaccinated. Weight and average daily weight gain of the different groups were compared at several weeks of life. Clinical symptoms and mortality rate were recorded. Local reactions on the vaccination application site were recorded. Milk samples were collected from all sows on the day of farrowing and blood samples five weeks a.p. as well as on the day of farrowing. Blood samples were also taken from 10 % of the piglets at a fixed time. Piglets vaccinated with Suvaxyn PCV did not have higher daily weight gains than piglets of the control group. Piglets' vaccination only had a positive effect on the weight gain during the nursery phase. 100 % of the piglets of group "S+F geimpft" were IgG antibody positive at the time point of piglets' vaccination and only some animals had IgM antibodies. The exclusive vaccination of the sows turned out to have the best effect on the piglets' development. The piglets, which were supplied with a combination of sow and piglets' vaccination, had the worst results. The reason could be an interference of maternal antibodies with vaccine antigen.

interference of maternal antibodies / sow vaccination against PCV2 / piglet vaccination against PCV2 / efficacy of a PCV2 vaccination / compatibility of a PCV2 vaccination

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