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Type of publication: Baccalaureate Thesis
Type of document:

Year: 2009

Authors: Curkic, I

Title: An Examination of Thymic Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Quasispecies.

Source: Bakkalaureatsarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 57.


Klein Dieter

Graduation date: 14.09.09

Feline immunodeficiency virus Is an important pathogen in cats, which is worldwide distributed. Infection with FIV is comparable with HIV infection in humans and ultimately leads to AIDS-like symptoms in cats, making it a suitable small animal model for AIDS/HIV. In the course of a vaccine study a cat had been experimentally infected with the FIV molecular clone GL8414 and was euthanlsed 322 weeks post infection. In this study, the thymus of the cat was examined for the presence of viral "quasispecies". Seven unique viral env variants were isolated from genomic DNA and molecular clones were tested for viability. Viable viruses were analysed for their receptor usage by investigating cell tropism and susceptibility to neutralisation by virus neutralising antibodies. The receptor usage assay utilising pseudotypes of the cloned env genes revealed three out of seven variants exhibiting differential receptor usage to that of GL8414. The neutralisation assay detected only one virus sensitive to neutralisation by virus neutralising antibodies of the homologous plasma. Sequence analysis revealed that this virus was identical to the initially inoculated molecular clone GL8414.

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