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Publication type: Diploma Thesis

Year: 2009

Author(s): Wolfslehner, Stefan

Title: Klauenbeurteilung von Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormon-Analogon behandelten und chirurgisch kastrierten Mastschweinen.

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 40.


Baumgartner Johannes
Schmoll Friedrich

Baumgartner Johannes

Graduation date: 12.11.09

Surgical castration of male piglets without anaesthesia is a subject of controversy. Immunisation against endogenous GnRH is an alternative to surgical castration. This paper compares clawhealth of GnRH-vaccinated pigs to surgical castrated pigs. The parameter for clawhealth was the variance of the exit face(ventral surfaceof the claw). As immunised pigs develop like entire males until second vaccination, their behaviour differs from surgical castrated pigs. This fact is the reason for the study. The possibility of variances of claw health, due to different behaviour was examined in this paper. Immediately after slaughtering a photo of the exit face of the claws was made and digitally analyzed by a medical measure program. Each lesion was analyzed in terms of size and the area was related to the whole area of the exit surface. So the percentage of each lesion according to the whole exit surface was analysed. All lesions were classified into type and severeness.The treatment groups did not differ in terms of average size and average number of lesions, but in types of lesions. Surgical castrated animals tended to have more lesions at the soft keratinized, posterior part of the ventral surface. Immunised pigs showed more lesions on the hard keratinized, anterior part of the ventral surface. A higher growth potential could be the reason for differences in types of lesions. An enlarged ventral surface could be another factor for different types of lesions. This study indicates, that immunised pigs does not have more or enlarged claw lesions than surgical castrated pigs, but immunised pigs differ in the distribution of the claw lesions.

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