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Publication type: Master Thesis

Year: 2012

Author(s): Posch, Romana

Title: Use of selective media for direct isolation of Francisella tularensis from European brown hares.

Other title: Verwendung selektiver Nährmedien zur direkten Isolierung von Francisella tularensis beim Feldhasen

Source: Master Thesis, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 64.


Schmoll Friedrich

Walzer Christian

Vetmed Research Units:
Unit of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology

Graduation date: 28.09.12

Wildlife constitutes a large reservoir for bacterial zoonotic pathogens including Francisellae. For the direct isolation of the slow growing F. tularensis from wild animals, culture media have to be supplemented with antibiotics to inhibit contaminants. Only few selective media are described for the direct culture recovery of F. tularensis from samples of humans, wildlife or environment. In this work, media developed for the direct isolation of F. tularensis from human and environmental samples were tested for suitability in comparison with the presently used selective medium for the direct cultural examination of tissue samples from European brown hares, which may act as an important reservoir for F. tularensis subsp. holarctica in the Central European natural focus of tularemia.

tularemia, Francisella tularensis, isolation, media, selectivity

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