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Publication type: Doctoral Thesis

Year: 2002

Author(s): Gruber, T

Title: Aufstallung, F├╝tterung, Hygiene, Gesundheit und Management von Mastschweinen in biologisch bewirtschafteten Betrieben.

Source: Dissertation, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 98.


Baumgartner Johannes
Schuh Maximilian
Troxler Josef

Project(s): Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of Pigs on Organic Farms in Austria

In the period of September 1998 until June 2000 the status quo of 42 Austrian organic farming units was examined twice and evaluated as well. The data obtained were recorded by means of a checklist including parameters regarding husbandry, feeding, hygienic conditions, health status of the animals and management procedures. Concerning the housing systems 30 farms were equipped with solid floors, Bedding material was provided by all farms and access to an area outside in 40 farms. All housing systems were in accordance with the legal regulations, but due to the EC-regulation (1804/1999) changes in housing systems for better animal welfare as declared as transitional time should be established until December 31st, 2010. Eleven farms used the so called "phase-feeding" and deficiencies concerning the composition of the feed ration due to raw protein, lysine, methionine and cystine, calcium, phosphorus and sodium were observed by analyses of 25 mixed feed samples. Inadequate management- and hygienic conditions were observed in case of visiting persons and transport of animals to the farms. A proper cleaning and disinfection of stalls before restocking was only carried out in one farm. During the clinical examination feces samples were taken and tested for endoparasites. Predominantly Ascaris suum and Oesophagostomum sp. were found, but in a fewer extent Trichuris suis and Eimeria sp. Pigs of 22 farms were suspicious for mange infection.

Housing / feeding / hygienic conditions / health and management finishing pigs / organic farming units

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