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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Review

Year: 1991


Title: Disease resistance in farm animals.

Source: Experientia (47), 9 923-934.

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Brem Gottfried
Müller Mathias

Genetic variations in disease resistance of farm animals can be observed at all levels of defence against infectious agents. In most cases susceptibility to infections has polygenic origins. In domestic animals only a few instances of a single genetic locus responsible for disease resistance are known. A well-examined example is the Mx1 gene product of certain mice strains conferring selective resistance to influenza virus infections. Attempts to improve disease resistance by gene transfer of different gene constructs into farm animals include the use of monoclonal antibody gene constructs, transgenes consisting of antisense RNA genes directed against viruses and Mx1 cDNA containing transgenes.

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