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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Full Paper

Year: 2000

Authors: Drillich, M; Tenhagen, BA; Heuwieser, W

Title: Effect of one spontaneous estrus cycle (after synchronization with PGF2alpha) on reproductive performance in dairy cows.

Source: Theriogenology. 2000; 54(9):1389-1394

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Drillich Marc

The objective of the study was to analyze the effect of a spontaneous estrus cycle after synchronization of estrus with prostaglandin F2alpha (PGF2alpha) in dairy cows on the degree of synchronization and reproductive performance. We assigned 557 Holstein cows to two treatment groups. In Group 1 estrus was synchronized by two treatments with 25 mg of Dinoprost-Trometamol in 14-day intervals. Cows were treated 27 to 33 days postpartum (dpp) and 41 to 47 dpp, respectively. Cows in Group 2 were treated with 25 mg of Dinoprost-Trometamol three times in 14-day intervals, starting at 34 to 40 dpp. The second and third injections were administered at 48 to 54 dpp and 62 to 68 dpp, respectively. All cows were inseminated on observed estrus after a voluntary waiting period of 65 days post partum. Thus cows in Group 1 were inseminated on spontaneous estrus and cows in Group 2 on induced estrus. Cows not inseminated at 80 days post partum were palpated per rectum and treated according to a predefined protocol. Herd reproductive performance measures did not differ significantly between groups. The proportion of cows with low serum progesterone levels was significantly higher 3 days after synchronization than 24 days after synchronization (97% vs 39%). The first-service conception rate was 34.8% in Group 1 and 30.7% in Group 2 (P > 0.05). Days open were 113.5 in Group 1 and 110.9 in Group 2 (P > 0.05). It is concluded that postponing artificial insemination for one spontaneous estrus cycle after synchronization decreased the degree of synchronization. This procedure, however, had no effect on herd reproductive performance compared to insemination on first observed estrus after synchronization.

Keywords Pubmed: Animals
Dinoprost/administration & dosage*
Estrus Synchronization*
Time Factors
Tromethamine/administration & dosage

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