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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Report

Year: 2018

Authors: Orynbayev, MB; Fereidouni, S; Sansyzbai, AR; Seidakhmetova, BA; Strochkov, VM; Nametov, AM; Sadikaliyeva, SO; Nurgazieva, A; Tabynov, KK; Rametov, NM; Sultankulova, KT

Title: Genetic diversity of avian avulavirus 1 (Newcastle disease virus genotypes VIg and VIIb) circulating in wild birds in Kazakhstan.

Source: Arch Virol. 2018; 163(7):1949-1954

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Fereidouni Sasan

Vetmed Research Units
Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Medicine

In order to improve current understanding of the molecular epidemiology of avian avulavirus 1 (AAvV-1, formerly avian paramyxovirus 1) in wild birds in Kazakhstan, 860 cloacal swab samples were evaluated. Samples were collected from 37 families of wild birds in nine different regions in the years 2011 and 2014. Overall, 54 positive samples (4.2%) were detected from 17 different families of wild birds, and 16 AAvV-1 isolates were characterized. Three of the isolates contained the fusion protein cleavage site motif RRQKR, and 13 contained KRQKR, which is typical for pathogenic strains of AAvV-1. The AAvV-1 isolates were found to belong to the genotypes VIg and VIIb.

Keywords Pubmed: Animals
Animals, Wildvirology
Genetic Variation
Newcastle Diseaseepidemiologyvirology
Newcastle disease virusclassificationgeneticsisolation & purificationpathogenicity
RNA, Viralgenetics
Sequence Analysis, DNA

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