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Type of publication: Journal Article
Type of document: Full Paper

Year: 2021

Authors: Ashfaq, H; Soliman, H; Fajmann, S; Sexl, V; El-Matbouli, M; Saleh, M

Title: Kinetics of CD4-1+ lymphocytes in brown trout after exposure to viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus.

Source: J Fish Dis. 2021 44 (10) 1553-1562.

Authors Vetmeduni Vienna:

Ashfaq Hassan
El-Matbouli Mansour
Fajmann Sabine
Saleh Mona
Sexl Veronika
Soliman Hatem

Vetmed Research Units
University Clinic for Poultry and Fish Medicine, Clinical Unit of Fish Medicine
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Project(s): The role of SOCS Proteins in salmonid whirling disease

T-helper cells express CD4 as a co-receptor that binds to major histocompatibility complex class II to synchronize the immune response against upcoming threats via mediating several cytokines. We have previously reported the presence of CD4 homologues in brown trout. The study of cellular immune responses in brown trout is limited by the availability of specific antibodies. We here describe the generation of a polyclonal antibody against CD4-1 that allows for the investigation of CD4+ cells. We used this novel tool to study CD4+ cells in different tissues during viral haemorrhagic septicaemia infection (VHSV) using flow cytometric technique. Flow cytometric analyses revealed an enhanced level of surface CD4-1 expression in the infected group in major lymphoid organs and in the intestine. These results suggest an important role for the T-helper cells within the immune response against viruses, comparable to the immune response in higher vertebrates.© 2021 The Authors. Journal of Fish Diseases published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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