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Recent approved projects:

High density dromedary genome map,
Duration: 01.03.18-30.05.21
Project leader: Burger Pamela,
Vetmed Research Units: Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology,
Funded by: Internationale Atomenergiebehörde, Wagramerstraße 5, 1400 Wien, Austria
Investigation on serum gastrin and pepsinogen concentrations in New World Camelids for diagnosis of endoparasites,
Duration: 14.05.18-13.05.19
Project leader: Wittek Thomas,
Vetmed Research Units: Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine,
Funded by: Verein zur Förderung der Forschung im Gesundheitssektor von Lamas und Alpakas e.V., Friedrichstraße 30, 61476 Kronberg im Taunus, Germany
Standardizing OUtput-based surveillance to control Non-regulated Diseases of cattle in the EU,
Duration: 01.05.18-30.04.22
Vetmed Research Units: Instute of Veterinary Public Health,
Funded by: EU (Kommission der Europäischen Gemeinschaften), Rue de la Loi, Brussels, European Union

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Recent publications in Impact Factor Journals:

Hartmann, C; Gerner, W; Walter, I; Saalmüller, A; Aurich, C (2018): Influences of intrauterine semen administration on regulatory T lymphocytes in the oestrous mare (Equus caballus). Theriogenology. 2018; 118:119-125
[Article in Press]

Schneider, KH; Enayati, M; Grasl, C; Walter, I; Budinsky, L; Zebic, G; Kaun, C; Wagner, A; Kratochwill, K; Redl, H; Teuschl, AH; Podesser, BK; Bergmeister, H (2018): Acellular vascular matrix grafts from human placenta chorion: Impact of ECM preservation on graft characteristics, protein composition and in vivo performance. Biomaterials. 2018; 177:14-26
[Article in Press]

Gotesman, M; Menanteau-Ledouble, S; Saleh, M; Bergmann, SM; El-Matbouli, M (2018): A new age in AquaMedicine: unconventional approach in studying aquatic diseases. BMC Vet Res. 2018; 14(1):178
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Szipl, G; Ringler, E; Bugnyar, T (2018): Attacked ravens flexibly adjust signalling behaviour according to audience composition. Proc Biol Sci. 2018; 285(1880):
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Petri, RM; Vahmani, P; Yang, HE; Dugan, MER; McAllister, TA (2018): Changes in Rumen Microbial Profiles and Subcutaneous Fat Composition When Feeding Extruded Flaxseed Mixed With or Before Hay. Front Microbiol. 2018; 9:1055
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Stubsjøen, SM; Sørheim, K; Chincarini, M; Bohlin, J; Brunberg, E; Fuchs, B; Palme, R; Grøva, L (2018): Exploring hair cortisone concentration as a novel tool to assess chronic stress in sheep with tick-borne fever. Small Ruminant Research 2018; 164: 110-119

Böhm, S; Mitterer, T; Iben, C (2018): The impact of feeding a high-fibre and high-fat concentrated diet on the recovery of horses suffering from gastric ulcers. Pferdeheilkunde 2018; 34: 237-246

Kidane, FA; Mitra, T; Wernsdorf, P; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2018): Allocation of Interferon Gamma mRNA Positive Cells in Caecum Hallmarks a Protective Trait Against Histomonosis. Front Immunol. 2018; 9:1164
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