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Recent approved projects:

Testing the domestication syndrome in free-ranging dogs- mobility grant
Duration: 01.01.22-31.12.23
Coordination for vetmeduni vienna: Marshall Sarah
Vetmed Research Units: Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology
Funded by: Österreichischer Austauschdienst (OeAD) GmbH, Wien, Austria
Effect of suppressed of gonadal function with altrenogest on stress-response and performance in mares during initial equestrian training
Duration: 01.01.22-01.01.24
Project leader: Kaps Martim
Vetmed Research Units: University Clinic for Small Animals, Clinical Unit of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology Graf Lehndorff Institute for Equine Science Insemination and Embryotransfer Platform
Funded by: Stiftung Brandenburgisches Haupt- und Landgestüt Neustadt (Dosse), Neustadt (Dosse), Germany
Mixed husbandry of pigs and chickens to improve animal welfare - development of risk minimization strategies based on risk analysis
Duration: 01.12.21-31.05.22
Project leader: Schwaiger Karin
Vetmed Research Units: Institute of Food Safety, Food Technology and Veterinary Public Health, Unit of Food Hygiene and Technology
Funded by: Schweisfurth Stiftung, München, Germany

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Recent publications in Impact Factor Journals:

Osterberger, E; Lohwasser, U; Jovanovic, D; Ruzicka, J; Novak, J (2022): The origin of the genus Cannabis. Genet Resour Crop Ev. 2022; [Early View]
Open Access Logo [Article in Press]

Mößler, M; Rychli, K; Reichmann, VM; Albert, T; Wittek, T (2022): Immunoglobulin G Concentrations in Alpaca Colostrum during the First Four Days after Parturition. Animals 2022; 12: 167
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Schachner, A; De Luca, C; Heidl, S; Hess, M (2022): Recombinantly Expressed Chimeric Fibers Demonstrate Discrete Type-Specific Neutralizing Epitopes in the Fowl Aviadenovirus E (FAdV-E) Fiber, Promoting the Optimization of FAdV Fiber Subunit Vaccines towards Cross-Protection in vivo. Microbiol Spectr. 2022; e0212321
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Wenig, K; Pacher, L; Bugnyar, T (2022): Testing the contagious nature of allopreening: bystander ravens are affected by conspecifics’ affiliative interactions. Animal Behaviour 2022; 184: 71-80
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Heidinger, B; Maschat, K; Kuchling, S; Hochfellner, L; Winckler, C; Baumgartner, J; Leeb, C (2022): Short confinement of sows after farrowing, but not pen type affects live-born piglet mortality. Animal. 2022; 16(2):100446
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Charrier, M; Lumineau, S; Georgelin, M; Meurisse, M; Palme, R; Angelier, F; Cornilleau, F; Constantin, P; Coustham, V; Nicolle, C; Bertin, A; Darmaillacq, AS; Dickel, L; Guémené, D; Calandreau, L; Houdelier, C (2022): Prenatal maternal stress is associated with behavioural and epigenetic changes in Japanese quail. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2022; 137:105661
[Article in Press]

Fuxjager, MJ; Fusani, L; Schlinger, BA (2021): Physiological innovation and the evolutionary elaboration of courtship behaviour. Animal Behaviour 2021;
[Article in Press]

Cimarelli, G; Range, F (2022): Is dogs' heritable performance in socio-cognitive tasks truly social? Learn Behav. 2022;
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